Creating A Better Tomorrow

We’re committed to preserving the world and creating a future worth living for generations to come.

Who We Are

Jedan Energy is a privately owned energy supplier based in Dubai, UAE. With a clear focus on our strong core businesse we aim to become the partner of choice for energy and customer solutions. We provide Green Sustainable Solutions for Lighting, Cooling, Power and Heating for the new energy world and make sure that everything we do has a single focus - our customers. Whether they are individuals or families, big or small businesses, or even entire towns.

Energy is life. Energy is progress. Our future is energy. The advancement of humankind is inseparably linked to energy. Energy is essential for the creation and maintenance of life and society. For millennia, energy has repeatedly altered all aspects of human life. Energy means self-determination. The availability of new energy sources has opened up new horizons for humankind and enabled it to achieve dynamic leaps forward in its development.
Big changes have always been the result of curiosity, of tireless perseverance, and courage.
Of people questioning the status quo, thinking innovatively and open-mindedly, and creating ideas and things that previously didn’t exist.
All improvements and breakthroughs begin with questions. Why? What if? And above all: Why not? Change results from the belief in a future of new possibilities. A future in which technology and human collaboration make life better, more secure, more comfortable, and more worth living.

Where We Come From

Where We Stand

The energy system of the twentieth century was founded on burning fossil fuels and splitting atoms. But this system is reaching its limits.
At Jedan Energy, we’re playing a decisive role in the unprecedented transformation of the energy world. The energy system of the twentieth century is being completely reorganised. In the age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, energy will take on a new significance and become a fundamental social issue. Energy will become a movement. And Jedan Energy is playing an active role in solving one of humankind’s most complex challenges.

Energy is becoming increasingly democratised. Individual customers are joining together to form a community of consumers who also produce: prosumers. Until now, usable energy has always been limited. In the future, it will be abundant. Once scarce and resource-intensive, energy will become a readily accessible, clean fuel for human progress. In tomorrow’s world, we’ll all be energy partners—interconnected and united in the goal of creating a better, more sustainable world for everyone.
Jedan Energy’s networks and customer solutions will play a decisive role in shaping this change. Putting customers at the centre of our business doesn’t just mean providing them with energy solutions. It also means truly understanding them and establishing a long-term personal relationship with them. This puts us at the centre of a community of prosumers and partners. To get there, we need transparency as well as mutual trust and respect.
As in the past, a fundamental transformation of this magnitude will only be achieved through curiosity, tireless endeavour, and the courage to swim against the stream and to create something that previously didn’t exist.

Where We Are Headed

How We Deliver On Our Promise

Customer Focus
Customer Focus

Customer requirements come first. Quality begins and ends with the customer and we strive to always satisfy their needs. This is reflected in our flexibility – both as individuals and as an organisation.

A Culture Of Innovation
A Culture Of Innovation

Jedan Energy focus on fostering a culture of innovation is key to our business and enhances solid collaboration and constant efficiency amongst our energy solutions and support services.

Integrated Solutions
Integrated Solutions

Jedan Energy offers clients a complete turnkey solution utilising our core business capacity, including lighting, water heating, power and cooling solutions across diverse sectors including residential, commercial ,wholesale & retail, healthcare and public sector.

Comprehensive Expertise
Comprehensive expertise

We offer solutions in energy management, design , estimating, and procurement. The company also possesses an installation and maintenance capability which enables us to provide comprehensive integrated turnkey solutions to our clients.

Continual Improvement

The relationships with our suppliers and partners provide a crucial foundation as our collaboration helps us to keep improving how we serve our customers even better, day after day.

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