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Natural Tubular Skylight

What Type Of Roof Can A Tubular Skylight Be Installed On?

Natural Tubular Skylights can be installed virtually on any roof type and slope.Our models accommodate all roofing material including composite shingles, concrete slabs,wood shakes, tile and clay tiles. For some tile roof installations, a flashing skirt or turret extension may be needed.

Can The Tubular Skylight Be Installed In Any Room?


Natural Tubular Skylights are perfect for any dark room in your home including the garage. We also have a full line of commercial units available for office buildings and warehouse applications.

How Bright Is The Light From A Tubular Skylight?


The light pipe of Natural Tubular Skylights has super-reflective, mirror-like surface that has a reflectivity rate of 98%. Our models reflect light even when the sun’s angle is low in the early morning or late afternoon. Our tubular skylights output the equivalent of 300 – 1,450 watts of of incandescent light depending on the model size:
  • 10″ tubular skylight = up to 150 sq. ft. (equivalent of up to 300 watts)
  • 13″ tubular skylight = up to 300 sq. ft. (equivalent of up to 500 watts)
  • 18″ tubular skylight = up to 500 sq. ft. (equivalent of up to 1,000)
  • 21″ tubular skylight = up to 700 sq. ft. (equivalent of up to 1,450)

Does The Tubular Skylight Work On A Cloudy Or Rainy Day?


Yes, all available light will be collected and reflected by your tubular skylight.

What Comes With A Tubular Skylight Kit? What Tools Are Needed?


Each Natural Tubular Skylight kit comes with everything you need to install a 4 foot long installation including:


- High impact Acrylic Dome
- Pitched or Flat Roof Flashing (curb mount for commercial units)
- 4 Feet of Light Pipe
- Ceiling Collar
- Decorative Trim Ring
- Diffuser 
- All Hardware Needed including Roof Sealant


Tools Needed for Installation: Caulking Gun, Drill, Drywall Saw, Flashlight, Flat Bar, Hammer, Ladder, Marking Pencil, Measuring Tape, Reciprocating Saw, Safety Goggles, Screwdriver, Stud Finder, String, Tin Snips, Utility Knife, Wire

How Long Can The Light Pipe Length Be?


Natural Light recommends short straight runs to get the maximum light output. But if straight runs are not possible, angle adapters (elbows) are available in 12″ sections. Below is the maximum length of light pipe recommended for each model:
  • 10″ model = 18 feet of light pipe
  • 13″ model = 20 feet of light pipe
  • 18″ model = 20 feet of light pipe
  • 21″ model = 20 feet of light pipe

What Maintenance Is Needed?


Natural Tubular Skylights require no maintenance! Once properly installed, the unit is sealed from weather, dust, moisture and bugs.

Will The Tubular Skylight Withstand Extreme Weather?


The rugged construction of Natural Tubular Skylights can withstand the harshest weather conditions including hurricanes and tornadoes. Only the dome and flashing are exposed on your roof. The dome is made of thick, heavy-duty acrylic that can withstand the impact of flying debris and the flashing is manufactured using commercial pure grade seamless aluminum and will not leak. Our units have been tested and approved by the Hurricane Testing Laboratory, Florida Building Code approved and ICC-ES listed.

What Type Of Warranty Does The Tubular Skylight Have?


All our tubular skylight models have the industry leading 25 year product warranty. To qualify for all warranty benefits, please register your product.

Can I turn Off My Tubular Skylight During The Day?


Natural Light offers a dimmer kit for all models. The dimmer is perfect for any room that may need to be darkened during the day including bedrooms, and media.

Is There A Vent System Available For Bathrooms?


Yes, Natural Light has designed an exhaust vent system available for the 10″ model. It is perfect for bathrooms and laundry rooms.

The vent kit has a stylish streamlined light fixture with a hidden intake.

Can I Use My Tubular Skylight At Night?


Yes, Natural Light has developed a light kit that is installed directly into the lower section of the light pipe and wiring to a wall switch. The light kit is available in 2 styles: single bulb (60 watts) and dual bulb (120 watts).

What Materials Are Used To Make Tubular Skylights?


Natural Tubular Skylights are manufactured using the only the highest quality components under the strictest control standards. The dome is made of high impact, thick acrylic, with an aluminum stress collar to prevent leaking. Our flashings are constructed of commercial pure grade 1100 series seamless aluminum. Our Miro-Silver® light pipe is one of the best performing in the industry with a 98% reflectivity rate.


The decorative trim ring is powder-coated white seamless aluminum. The diffuser is made of durable acrylic with a slight arc to diffuse light evenly in the room.

Are Tubular Skylights Energy Efficient?


Yes, Natural Tubular Skylights are so energy efficient that our residential models are ENERGY STAR® qualified. The U-Factor (or heat transfer) of our units is extremely low at 0.26. The Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (how well a product blocks heat caused by sunlight) is also very minimal at 0.23. As an added benefit, Natural Light tubular skylights also block out harmful UV rays that can fade clothing, furniture and carpeting.

Solar Attic Fan

What Type Of Roof Can A Solar Attic Fan Be Installed On?


Solar Attic Fans can be installed virtually on any roof of either residential or commercial buildings. The roof mounted model is designed for either pitched or flat roofs. The solar panel can be angled to the position it will collect the most sunlight providing optimal venting performance on all roof slopes. Both a curb and gable mounted units are also available. Our models accommodate all roofing material including composite shingle, wood shake, tile and clay tile. For some tile roof installations, an additional flashing skirt is needed. 

Are Solar Attic Fans Energy Efficient?


Yes, Natural Light Solar Attic Fans are so energy efficient that models installed on residential homes qualify for a 26% Federal Tax Credit. The unit operates for free all during the day powered by the sun – so there are no operating costs. Additionally, in the summer months, attic venting can reduce the load on your AC system – which can save on your energy costs.

What Is The Venting Capacity Of A Natural Light Solar Attic Fan?


Natural Light has 3 solar panel sizes available to accommodate the attic ventilation needs of all structure sizes. Several factors can affect the amount of attic ventilation a home needs. Visit our output page which features a general guide for estimating the quantity and solar panel size needed for various roof pitches. Below is the average output for all 4 solar panel sizes. Your Natural Light dealer can assist you in determining what size unit or units are needed for your home.
  • 12 watt = up to 1,260 square feet (up to 893 cfms)
  • 24 watt = up to 2,100 square feet (up to 1,339 cfms))
  • 36 watt = up to 2,625 square feet (up to 1,628 cfms)
  • 60 watt = up to 3,255 square feet (up to 1,995 cfms)

What comes with a Solar Attic Fan kit? What tools are needed?


Each Natural Light Solar Attic Fan kit comes with everything you need including a fully assembled attic fan, roofing sealant and all hardware. Tools Needed for Installation: Caulking Gun, Drill, Hammer, Ladder, Marking Pencil, Measuring Tape, Nail, Reciprocating Saw, Safety Goggles, Screwdriver, Stud Finder, String, Utility Knife.

Can I install a solar attic fan on a shady roof?


Yes, Natural Light offers a unique version of our solar attic fan that allows you to install the fan assembly on a shady portion of the roof. The unit is powered by a remote solar panel that is installed away from the fan on the sunny portion of the roof. Visit the solar attic fan accessories page.

What maintenance is needed?


Solar Attic Fans require no maintenance! The unit has been engineered to be leak proof when installed properly. It also has a protective animal screen that keeps out the critters.

Can I turn off the attic fan when attic venting is not needed?


Yes, a small device called a thermal snap switch is available that will automatically turn ON and OFF your fan when the attic temperature is optimal and attic venting is not needed. 

Can I install a solar attic fan on a shed or garage?


Yes, the Natural Light Solar Attic Fan can be installed on any structure with a roof including sheds, barns, lofts, garages, workshops, guest homes – any space that could benefit from air circulation. We also offer a specialized garage vent kit that is added to a standard solar attic fan unit converting the fan to a garage exhaust venting system. Read more about the garage vent kit.

What Are The Benefits Of Attic Venting?


Attic ventilation helps maintain a healthy, energy efficient home. It extends the life of your roofing shingles and underlayment and reduces moisture build up that can cause rot and mold. Attic venting can also reduce the load on your AC in the summer, which can save you money. In colder climates, it prevents damaging ice damming).

What Materials Are Used To Make Solar Attic Fans?


Solar Attic Fans are manufactured in the USA using only the highest quality components under the strictest control standards. All solar panels used on our units are high impact and engineered so that they work to full capacity even under the harshest conditions. The housing and flashing are made of heavy-duty, commercial pure grade aluminum that is powder-coated inside and out. It incorporates a quiet, powerful direct current motor with a 25 year warranty.