Natural Tubular Skylights use breakthrough optical technologies to pipe pure, natural light indoors. From sunup to sundown, daylight is captured by our patented rooftop dome and transferred through the world’s most reflective daylight system and tubing. The Interior-mounted solar cells panel collects store the sun’s energy to power a Smart NightLight that automatically comes on after dark. Specially designed fixture lenses then evenly disperse sunlight throughout your room, creating a beautiful, naturally lit space. Jedan is one of the top natural tubular skylight suppliers In UAE.

Key Features

Unique condensation release system prevents moisture build-upLow-profile unit blends seamlessly into roof line

Built-in UV protection prevents fading on clothing, furniture and rugs

Bug and dust proof sealing system

Water tight, will not leak and is maintenance free

Fits any roof and adapts to any type of roof system

Quick and easy installation – very few steps to complete

No structural changes, wiring or painting required

How It Works

Sunlight Enters The Dome

The low-profile, durable acrylic, impact resistant dome captures sunlight on your roof, from sunup to sundown. The flashing housing ensures that the unit is weather-tight and leakproof.

Sunlight Is Reflected Through Light Pipe

Sunlight captured by the dome bounces through a patented 98% reflective, mirror-like tube. The light pipe reflects sunlight into your home, even in early morning or late afternoon.

Ceiling Fixture Softly Diffuses Sunlight Into Your Home

The slightly arced prismatic surface of the light fixture evenly disperses sunlight into your home – no hot spots. Harmful UV rays are filtered out and fading on clothing, furniture and carpets is eliminated.

Why Natural Tubular Skylight

Simple And Easy To Install

Their compact size delivers a generous supply of light in an energy-efficient design, making Natural Tubular Skylights a smart choice for just about any place.Unlike traditional skylights, Tubular Skylights can be installed in a couple of hours.


Tubular Skylights are also an affordable option. All of the materials for installation are included in the kit—just a few of your tools are required. And once your Tubular Skylight is installed, natural light comes free of charge.


Unlike traditional skylights, Natural Light Tubular Skylights block nearly all UV rays, and also allow less solar heat gain in warmer climates and less heat loss in colder climates compared to traditional skylights.

No Maintenance

Maintaining your Tubular Skylight takes no time—they are virtually maintenance free. If you occasionally find yourself on the roof, feel free to polish up the tubular skylight dome. But it isn't required. Natural Light's Tubular Skylights were designed to be installed, enjoyed, and left alone.

25 Year Warranty

Natural Light Energy Systems backs up Tubular Skylights with industry leading 25 year product warranty against manufacturers defects in material and deterioration.. Most traditional skylights only have a 10 or 15 year warranty.

Benefits At A Glance


Contribute towards sustainability targets
Enhance your energy and carbon saving credentials
Wide range of sizes to suit every application

Building Owner

Contribute towards carbon reduction targets
No running costs
Virtually no maintenance required


Enhance your energy and carbon saving credentials
Simple to fit in any roof type facing
direction Easy installation


Healthy environment
Sustainable energy
Increased productivity

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