Renewable Energy Solutions For All Industry Sectors

Specialising in renewable energy, Jedan Energy is considered one of the UAE's leading providers of sustainable solutions.

Government / Military

Tapping Into the Power of Sunlight

Government and military personnel can operate at a higher level of readiness, when provided sufficient natural light and other sustainable solutions. Jedan Energy has completed a wealth of successful installations in the public sector including government buildings, military, fire/police stations and community centers.


Turning indoor spaces into natural, organic environments

When designing a healthcare facility, designers must create a welcoming space that will successfully nurture the occupants within and keep staff alert and contribute to low energy costs. With Jedan Energy's best in class renewable energy solutions, healthcare facilities are not only able to achieve desired energy efficiency but also successfully nurture the occupants within by creating a healthy indoor environment that maximizes patient and staff health and well-being.


Positively impacting student performance and engagement

Jedan Energy are well renowned specialists in supplying and installing sustainable solutions that tap into the natural resources of the sun to provide natural lighting & ventilation solutions to schools and universities across UAE.
The delivery of daylight & quality clean air to the educational institutions has been shown to improve concentration, reduce behavioral issues and foster greater student achievement. It also promotes lower absenteeism and higher employee retention.


Naturally powering, lighting and ventilating homes

Jedan Energy are renewable energy experts, capable of working with all homeowners, housing developers and housing associations to achieve their goals by offering high-quality natural lighting, attic ventilation and solar power generation products that are inexpensive, energy-efficient, and add to the beauty to homes.


Enhancing customers' shopping experience

Natural lighting has been helping retailers around the globe boost sales, improve employee productivity and enhance the ambiance. With Jedan Energy's cost effective solutions, retailers can create a more welcoming and enhanced shopping experience, leading to a 20 to 40% increase in sales. Combining natural lighting with Jedan Energy's solar power generation and natural ventilation solutions, drives down electrictal bills, and provide customers with a superior shopping experience.


Maximizing efficieny through lighting & renewable energy solutions

Tubular skylights have a unique design which captures the maximum amount of sunshine while dispersing daylight indoors evenly. This can greatly increase employee safety, boost employee morale and decrease employee absenteeism in comparison to traditional warehouses or manufacturing facility. Diffused daylight from a tubular skylight illuminates both horizontal and vertical surfaces evenly with no flicker. Industrial clients frequently choose to further invest in Jedan Energy's sustainable solutions such as solar power generation and natural ventilation to maximize their savings, and boost efficiency.

Our Services

Consultation & Design

We provide engineering study, site survey, cost analysis and planning of new construction plans as well as existing structures.

Supply and Installation

Our experienced installers make sure that the system is installed and perform properly.

Operation And Inspection

An engineering inspects each system installed to verify that it is fully functional and it passes final inspection by local authorities

Support And Maintenance