What Are the Benefits of Solar Attic Fans?

What Are the Benefits of Solar Attic Fans?

What Are the Benefits of Solar Attic Fans?

Solar attic fans- as the name explains- are fans installed on a roof that are powered by the sun. They draw superheated air from your attic and release it to the outside and pull in cooler air from the outdoors inside. This in turn reduces the amount of work your HVAC system needs to do cool your upstairs living space. 


Now, you might be asking: Why would you need a solar fan for your attic? Here are 6 benefits of solar attic fans:


Easy Installation

Solar tube skylight installation is very easy and convenient. The great thing about solar attic fans is that they don’t require any wiring, which makes them very easy and convenient to install compared to other powered fans. You don’t have to worry about installation, as Jedan Energy provides solar attic fan and solar tube skylight installation.


Solar Is Safer

Research shows that basic electric-powered fans are not only more costly but also create areas of negative pressure, which increases the risk of gathering conditioned air from a house into the attic and the creates the danger of pulling harmful gases such as carbon monoxide from combustion tools back into the house.


Keeping Your Interior Cool and Comfortable

One of the main advantages of a natural light solar attic fan is being able to ventilate interior. A good one can decrease temperature of a roof by 40°F! Use Jedan’s solar attic fans in Dubai to save on cooling costs. The heat from inside a building can escape, leaving the whole interior chilled and comfortable. Get rid of hot air buildup in the attic with Jedan Energy solar attic fans!


Going Green

During this day and age, we all want to do our part to decrease pollution. Resorting to a solar-powered fan for your attic is a great way to reduce the pressure on your air conditioning system, thus, reducing your overall energy consumption. Many homeowners who aim to minimize their carbon footprint opt for solar fans. Solar power is the way to a green home, and you will notice the difference and find the satisfaction in residing in a space with a solar attic fan. With Jedan’s solar attic fans- a sustainable energy solutions Dubai-, you are able to go green and protect the environment. 


No More Noise

Most attic fans are notorious for being noisy all the time. Natural light solar attic fans, however, are almost silent and whisper-quiet, so they don’t disturb your day, nor do they keep you up at night.


Save Money, Stay Cool

One of the major benefits to using a natural light solar attic fan over traditional systems is that they don’t draw energy from the building’s power grid, so they don’t raise your utility bill.

In addition to cutting down on energy bills, there are other financial advantages. As solar attic fans protect your roof, thus, the cost of depreciation and maintenance significantly decreases, so the less you’ll need to pay in the long term.


To conclude, you must be aware of the way you approach solar energy and its viability in the future. If we utilize renewable energy wisely, then one day we would be able to provide ample resources without harming our environment. Jedan Energy, Dubai solar energy provider, has the best natural light solar attic fans in the UAE. We are a UAE solar solutions provider which helps you cut your electricity bills in half with our cost-effective cooling solutions. Reach us at +971 4 232 3432 for our renewable energy solutions.