Roof Mount Attic Fan

2,750.00 AED

Roof Mounted Solar Attic Fan for Flat or Sloped Roofs

Venting Capacity
16 watt: up to 1,184 cfms (1,300 sf)
32 watt: up to 1,560 cfms (2,200 sf)
35 watt: up to 1,597 cfms (2,400 sf)
48 watt: up to 1,881 cfms (2,825 sf)
65 watt: up to 2,105 cfms (3,350 sf)

Performance Features
Easy 1 Hour Installation
Lifetime Warranty

Accessories Available
Thermal Snap Switch
Fire Safety Cut-off Switch
Garage Vent Kit
Remote Solar Panel
Flashing Skirt for Tile Roofs

Common Application
Mostly used on residential homes
on either flat or pitched roofs.
Detached Garages


Adjustable Solar Panel
Heavy-Duty Aluminium Powder-Coated Housing
Powerful, Quiet Motor
Motor Isolation Bracket
5 Wing Fan Blade
Protective Animal Screen
Heavy-Duty Leakproof Aluminium Flashing


For Quantities above 20 units please contact us on the below link.

Installing Serivce

For all orders above 10 units, we provide installation services. Contact us for more information.

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