Garage Exhaust Vent Kit

Venting Capacity:

  • 16 watt: up to 1,184 cfms (1,300 sf)
  • 32 watt: up to 1,560 cfms (2,200 sf)
  • 48 watt: up to 1,881 cfms (2,825 sf)
  • 65 watt: up to 2,105 cfms (3,350 sf)

Performance Features:

  • Easy Installation
  • Qualifies for Solar Tax Credits
  • Limited Warranty

Roof Types

  • Flat Roof
  • Sloped Roof
  • Asphalt, Tile, Clay
  • Wood Shake

Flashing Colors:

  • Powder-Coated Gray
  • Powder-Coated Black Satin

Available Option:

  • Radiation Damper Sleeve (required by code in some areas)

Common Application:

  • Mostly used residential homes with an attic space above the garage. Kit available for any model size roof or curb mounted solar attic fan (sold separately).

Garage Exhaust Vent Kit


Vent Screen Ceiling Fixture The vent kit includes an attractive, white powder-coating ceiling fixture with a specially designed mesh that allows air to move freely throughout the entire garage ventilation system.


Optional Radiation Damper


The Garage Exhaust Vent Kit is a kit that converts the Natural Light Solar Attic Fan into a garage ventilation system. The kit can be added to any model size roof or curb mount fan. 1a. Solar Attic Fan Add-On Kit The Garage Vent Kit adds on to any N

1a. Solar Attic Fan Add-On Kit

The Garage Vent Kit adds on to any Natural Light roof or curb mount unit. An adapter sleeve is installed to the underside of the fan assembly creating an air tight venting system that pulls hot air out of your garage.

1b. Flexible Duct Pipe

Kit includes 8 feet of Type 5 ETL Listed flexible duct piping. The duct pipe connects to the attic fan and ceiling fixture with two aluminum adapter sleeves. Includes all hardware and installation instructions.

1c. Trim Ring with Adapter

An attractive trim ring holds a specially designed vent screen to allow air to move freely up and out of the venting system. The white powder-coated aluminum trim ring is easily installed on the garage ceiling.

2a. Optional Radiation Damper

Required in some locations to protect against fire and heat radiation (check local building codes). Damper includes a fusible link that melts when the temperature reaches 212°F. It replaces the lower adapter sleeve.

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